Arena Rome Cuck Training Bootcamp

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Arena Rome Cuck Training Bootcamp

Runtime: 27:57 | Release date: 02/10/2017
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Description: Queen Arena Rome advertises for her hands-on husband training course. She finds a new client who isn't giving his wife what she needs. Queen Arena shows her new subby what will be expected of him from now on. Queen Arena Rome takes her new subby and makes him watch as she gets herself off. With his face just inches away from her wet shaved pussy, he watches Queen Arena masturbating. She makes sure he notes how to please a woman. Queen Arena Rome wants to see how her new subby can fuck, so she makes him wear a chindo and follow her commands. Sometimes he thrusts into her slowly, to build up her pleasure. Other times Queen Arena wants to be fucked hard and fast. It's important the her subby learns how to tell when to do each. Queen Arena Rome rewards her new subby by letting him lick and worship her ass. He's been doing so well learning how to please a woman, she wants to see if he can use his tongue in the same manner. Queen Arena Rome brings in one of her own subby slaves to fuck her with his big hard cock while her new subby watches closes. Queen Arena questions her new subby if he sees how to treat her and fuck her right.

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