If I Only Was A Leprechaun

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If I Only Was A Leprechaun

Runtime: 17:31 | Release date: 03/17/2017
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Description: Toby is all dressed up to go to a St. Patrick's day party, but get's let down when he can't get a ride. Right before he falls asleep, he wishes he was a real leprechaun so he could get all the gold, and all the hot girls. Toby awakes in his dream surrounded by two lovely women, Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink show up to give him all of his heart's truest desires. Toby finds himself inbetween the two Goddesses staring at their shaved wet pussies. Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink know that Toby is a subby bitch who is too pathetic to touch any hot girl, so they force him on his knees to watch them please themselves with big pink dildos. Bella Ink forces Toby to smell her Goddess scent, but won't let him touch her perfect Goddess body. Nikki Brooks cums on her pink dildo then forces Toby to suck on it and clean it up since Toby will never be able to please a girl or touch a Goddess. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink know what little subby leprechaun Toby really really wants. The two Goddesses know that deep down Toby wants to suck on something long, and hard, and black. Goddess Nikki Brooks knows just the thing to put in Toby's slutty subby mouth. Nikki Brooks forces him to suck on the heel of her shoes like he wants to suck on a real man's cock. Goddess Bella Ink wants her feet to be worshipped as well, and makes Toby lick and clean her dirty shoes so they're spotless. Wanting to have a good foot worship session, the Goddesses take their shoes off and gag the subby slut bitch with their feet. Goddess Nikki asks Toby to lick everything between her toes while Goddess Bella Ink uses her stocking to smother Toby. Goddess Nikki Brooks tells her subby bitch Toby to follow the end of the rainbow for a pot of gold surprise. When Toby opens his eyes, Goddess Bella Ink pushes the back of Toby's head so he will deepthroat Nikki's hard strap on cock. Surprise, you little subby bitch! Goddesses Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink take turns thrusting their huge cocks in their subby's throat, making him drool all over himself. When the Goddesses think their cocks are wet enough from all of his spit, they bend Toby over the couch and start spit roasting his subby slut ass. Bella Ink starts pegging him on the couch while Nikki Brooks forces his head down on her long strap on cock.

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