Mia Martinez's Pathetic Man

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Mia Martinez's Pathetic Man

Runtime: 28:29 | Release date: 01/13/2017
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Description: Goddess Mia Martinez is fed up with her sex life with her pathetic man. She decides to make some changes to how things will be and teach him how to be a good little subby bitch. She teases her man by masturbating inches from his face while not allowing him to touch her. Craving more sexual pleasure, Goddess Mia Martinez orders her subby to grab the chindo so he can learn how to fuck properly. He eagerly slides it into Goddess Mia's slick pussy so much better than he ever did with his pathetic tiny dick, though still not good enough to please Goddess Mia. She tells him that the only solution will be to bring in a real man to fuck her right. Goddess Mia Martinez introduces her subby to her new man. She forces her new man to worship her ass while she humiliates her subby by telling him how worthless he is. Her new man does a fantastic job of licking her ass, and she makes her subby suck on her shoes while she spreads her ass to receive a licking.Goddess Mia Martinez sucks the manly cock of her new fuck buddy right over the face of her subby who has his tiny dick in a chastity cage. Goddess Mia forces her subby to watch her fuck a real man while forcing her subby to fuck a blow up sheep like the pathetic worthless subby bitch he is.To make sure that her new subby knows who is in charge, Goddess Mia Martinez puts on her strap on cock and bends him over the couch so she can dominate her pathetic subby. Goddess Mia loves pegging her subby's man pussy and slaps his ass a few times. When she's had enough, Goddess Mia forces her subby to suck her cock to clean it off.

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