Pressley Carter is Upset

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Pressley Carter is Upset

Runtime: 26:52 | Release date: 01/20/2017
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Description: Presley Carter is upset her subby hubby maid isn't done folding the laundry yet. She calls him into the bedroom and forces him to worship her feet. Presley forces him to lick her toes with his pathetic tongue and gag on as much of her foot as will fit in his mouth. After Presley Carter has her feet properly worshiped, she needs to make sure that her subby hubby's chastity device is still in place. Presley then teases his pathetic small cock by licking his chastity device and blowing air through it. Presley then allows her subby to watch her use a vibrator and lick her wetness off of it. Presley Carter doesn't have cash to pay her lawn serviceman. Instead, she wants to use his hot body and big cock to get off. Presley brings him into the bedroom and smacks him in the face until he starts licking her pussy. Presley is angry at how horrible he is at it, and instead makes him tongue and worship her ass instead. Presley Carter brings her subby hubby to their bedroom to watch her get fucked by a big black cock. She forces her subby to his knees to watch her slobber over the huge meat her fuck toy has. Then, Presley asks her subby if he is getting turned on by watching that hard cock fucking her wet pussy like he never can. Presley then makes her pathetic subby clean up the cummy mess left all over her pussy.

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