Valora & Nadia Pool Fun with Cuck

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Valora & Nadia Pool Fun with Cuck

Runtime: 32:15 | Release date: 12/30/2016
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Description: Goddess Valora is catching some sun by the pool and orders her slave to oil up her legs so she doesn't get burned. She catches her slave eyeing her feet, so she allows him to worship her feet. After begging like a pathetic whore, he licks and sucks the exquisite feet of Goddess Valora. Goddess Nadia White is caught flirting with her new professor by the pathetic subby she's been using. After he cries like a little bitch, begging to do anything to stay together, Goddess Nadia comes up with a plan while Goddess Valora's slave worships Goddess Nadia's ass. The slave licks her tight ass and shows how a good slave should act. Goddess Valora tells Goddess Nadia's subby the new rules of his relationship and forces him to wear a chindo. He uses his new appendage to fuck Goddess Nadia's wet pussy with Goddess Valora's slave. The pathetic slaves suck using the fake cocks, and are forced to suck them while the Goddess's laugh at them. Since he said he would do anything to stay with her, Goddess Nadia forces her pathetic subby to suck the black cock of Professor Johnson. Goddess Nadia needs to maintain her grades, so her subby better get used to pleasing Professor Johnson's cock. He must be doing a good job, as he gets rewarded with Professor Johnson's cum. Watching how obedient her new subby is, Goddess Nadia wants to get fucked by Professor Johnson while her subby sucks on her toes. After Professor Johnson finishes in Goddess Nadia's pussy, she makes her subby clean her up. Desperately wanting to use his tiny cock, her subby begs to fuck, and gets rewarded with permission to fuck Goddess Valora's slave's man pussy.

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